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Khabar Nishad Bandhu | 2018/08/15 08:27:54 NM.

“Not just provider your it partner”

BIT means (Business Innovation Technology). BIT TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd. is India Based Company located in central India. We developed much popular software (Hospital management information system, school management information system, Real estate management system, Clinic management system, Dentistry management system, Ophthalmology management system, Nursing college management system, Pharmacy management system & Inventory and accounting software). The firm is managed and run by a team of well trained and dedicated professionals with years of experience in this field. The BIT IT TECHNOLOGY provides a structured framework for a consistent definition of requirements, solution design and delivery of a high quality result that is on time and on budget, power flexibility, simplicity and long terms value are the keywords we use to describe the BIT TECHNOLOGY team.